The time of awakening has come.

The binary plane will break its boundaries and enlightenment shall be given to those who dare to look. The era of technology against nature will burn in fierce flames and from its ashes, new hope will arise. The world was never mightier, there were never more means of being heard. So listen: what is and what isn‘t is defined by your will to create.

The sin of the algorithm will be swept away by the beauty of what can‘t be calculated.

And there will be Bubbles. Tasty.

“Do you remember that existence of God thing, I had so much trouble understanding? I think I can grasp it now. It is a concept that is similar to a zero in mathematics. It is a symbol that denies the absence of meaning. The meaning that is necessitated by the delineation of one system to another. In analog that is god. In digital, that is zero.

But for analog people like you, no matter how many digital components you add on through cyberization or prosthetics, your ghost will never diminish. So please tell me, how does it feel to have a soul?”

A Soul: SAC, Tachikoma first verse 00:16,420