︎We are made of 2 parts Brazilian, 2 parts German, half an Italian, and a quarter dog combine into 3 and a half people.

We've been all doing our own stuff for way too long before we decided to do all the same thing for a few projects and a few great trips, walls, technology, and whatever we can get excited about it.

Eduardo Maluf and Stefano De Luccia are both born and raised in São Paulo, the capital of Latin America - said someone we don't know who - and Oliver Tschernik was born and raised by wild boars in a tiny village near Dresden, Germany. His Lil' village is famous for its sausages and so is Oli (among ourselves at least)

We made the O'Mom Cru to have some fun and in the meantime do some great art. The ride has been really sweet and we somehow have managed to expand our minds and travel around doing what we love with people we love (Dudu wrote this part, he is super sweet, you need to meet him in person - here is his Instagram)

That's it, guys. If you want to talk more, just send a message and we reply with a song - Oli plays a cool little piano, he can actually do this.

Forever yours,
O'Mom Cru